Friday, May 22, 2009

a little of this and that

milk glass and vintage birthday card

milk glass and
vintage birthday cards

-oval frame, photo of me
-square frame, my daughter's baptism
-glass kitties that were on one of my childhood
birthday cakes

-vintage plastic pink powder box (bought as a gift for my best friend)
-vintage coat buttons given to me by a friend
- violet tray given to me by a friend who didn't want it anymore due to a chip on the rim. I love it, chip and all!!

-vintage porcelain rose topped box and roses (both throw away items at a friend's house!)
with fortune cookie papers tucked in
-tea cup holding beautiful red roses from Betty
at She's Sew Pretty Etsy

-my favorite book collection (Suzette may recognize the blue book!)
-a bunny from my 1st birthday

-vintage roses post cards
-family photos (Suzette may recognize someone wearing gloves)
and vintage "adopted family" photos

-old tattered books
-violets dishes

-a soft coat that my Dear once wore as a toddler
(it's vintage now !)
-a pic from a magazine tucked into the sleeve

-old family purses
-and more vintage images

-mini dresser from H. Lobby (clearance $1.99!!)
-vintage glass box hand painted with green and roses, it matches the mini dresser (and only 25 cents, how fun to find that!!)
-old family photo of my Dad and brother
-vintage family gloves

-vintage family framed items, baptism certificate

-more family items

-my childhood dollies brought by Santa. I still love them!

-Milk glass adopted by me from owners throwing them away. Throwing them away!!


Mary said...

Hello Amy, Stopping by to say Hi. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...sorry I do not sing well:( Hope you have a wonderful day and a safe weekend. Hugs, Mary:)

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie Amy!!! I hope it is wonderful. I love looking at all of your treasures. Thank you for sharing them with us! Love, Jamie