Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Girls day out...

( The Raptor, photo C.P.)

Nope. No shopping at the mall for my two girls and me. My dear friend bought 3 tickets for us to go and have a fun day with the coasters.

We went for a whole day of roller coasters.

Big roller coasters.

BIG BIG roller coasters.

The park has 17 coasters (more than any other park in the WORLD!), 3 of which are in the top 10 steel coasters in the world!!

We opened the park, stayed all day riding (and doing lots of walking between rides) and closed the park. 11 hours of roller coasters. Phewwww!!! We had a blast. I LOVE roller coasters. All of them! I love the awesome speed and I love the marvelous heights (which is really weird , 'cuz I hate heights so much I can't even walk along an open banister, balcony or stairway railing or go on a glass sided escalator!!) .

(The Magnum, photo C.P.)

I hadn't been on the roller coasters since 1989. I went in 1995, but I couldn't "ride the speeding rails" due to being 5 months pregnant with A. Even though I am a touch older than my last ride day, I still LOVE them just as much!!!

So Monday turned out to be the BEST day for it. IDEAL, as a matter of fact! The park was not crowded as most schools are starting back already by now. And the weather was so beautiful. No humidity (a rarity in our area of Ohio), blue skies and a nice cool breeze off Lake Erie!

The longest we had to wait for any ride was 20 minutes. Sometimes we would get off a ride and get right back on again!! Super fun!

I had been there years ago when you would wait for up to 1- 2 hours to ride a 3 minutes ride!! Crazy!

(The Gemini, photo C.P.)

We were disappointed that the park closed at 9:00 because it was just starting to get dark and anyone knows that the only thing better than riding roller coasters is.....riding roller coasters in the DARK with all the wonderful colored lights everywhere!

I told the girls they were lucky to have such a totally CRaZy  "old" Mom!! I told them to take a poll among their friends to see if any of their Mom's would ride roller coasters for 11 hours!! I have found that none of my female friends would do it!!

As we walked out to the parking lot. Both girls had sore feet and were tired (A had blisters on her feet), but I was fine. I had a BLAST!!
(Max Air, photo C.P.)

I am afraid I may not get back again soon. It may be another 20 years before I go back and I am afraid at age 66 I may be too old for 11 hours of BIG roller coasters.
I'm pretty sure, anyway!!

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Diva Kreszl said...

Oh my...that is definitely not my idea of fun, but I'm awfully glad you had a good time!