Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer vacation is OVER!

My son N. and J., (who is his "friend-girl" not girlfriend as N. reminds me), are going back to school tomorrow. They are in different classrooms again which is ok because they are like siblings the rest of the time, always together!!! Most of the time, though, they talk (argue) like an old married couple. So no doubt the talk tomorrow afternoon will be who has the best 3rd grade teacher.
At the beginning of the summer J. was trying to catch up to N's height. Can you believe what happened to N.?? I knew he was growing like a weed!!!

One clue might have been that I put a pair of N's socks in my guy's drawer by accident and he put them on and didn't notice ...right away, anyway! We're talkin' about a 9 year old that already wears a 6 1/2 or 7 size shoe!!! Another clue may have been the fact that we go through an awful lot of cereal when N. is around... so when I find "scratch and dent" boxes of cereal at the the local grocery I am thrilled to pay 69 cents a box!! The box never stays around long enough to have to be pristine enough to sit on the table as reading material.

I had them stand back to back and for the life of me I could not snap one photo without these two being silly nillies. So here they are with their tongues sticking out to record their summer of 2009 coming to an end.

Here is a story ,from way back when, about these two you may enjoy!

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