Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm Having Too Much Fun...

Since I love to acquire vintage snapshots that catch my attention I often end up with too many (too many, is that possible??) and then offer them to new homes. Sometimes I want to share the same vintage photos that I can't seem to part with, so I sometimes share them here on my blog as free images and sometimes as vintage reproductions.

What occurred to me today was to utilize my old catalog pages for their images as fun backgrounds. I have done this with brooches and other small items but not with photos--

so after playing around with my ephemera this is what I came up with.

I tell ya....wayyyyy too much fun!!

Of course I can never resist the bra and girdle pages just because they make me giggle. And to think of what women used to put themselves through to layer themselves up under even everyday clothing!! Ugh! Double Ugh!!

(this photo above is written on back "Central Park 1937"
Isn't that really cool?)
It seems like whenever I get time on the computer, 1 or all 3 kids need something RIGHT NOW! " Mom!? Can you drive me to ___'s house?"
"Yes. When?"
It is like a signal rings in their ear the minute I sit down to work on the computer and they are calling me from another room or even worse, hovering (my son does this) and saying, "How much longer? I can't find anything to do." Apparently I need to be the entertainment committee ONLY when I sit at the computer!! Imagine that!

Don't they know I am having fun? Finding enjoyment at my "advanced years" by matching up old catalog pages with old photos???? I mean, c'mon, sometimes 40 something year old Moms need playtime too!!

So I thought I would show you these and quickly type a blog post before I head out the door again to run a kid or 2 or 3 somewhere (again!), or offer to play another round of Battleship or Uno with a boy who is days away from turning 9 and can't seem to find A THING to do.

I know, You're saying this time will pass and soon I will be an "empty nester", but honestly some days while I am not at that stage yet I am reminded of that (vintage) TV commercial...

"Calgon! Take me away!!"


She'sSewPretty said...

I love how you matched up the pics with the advertisements! I'll bet you had fun. I am finding out what it is to be an empty nester. Not fun! My 17 year old is too busy with friends to hang out with mom anymore and the other two are in love and always busy. Oh least I still have grandma!! Some how this isn't exactly how I thought it would turn out!

cathy said...

Hi Amy - these ads are fantastic! I giggle about the underwear ones too - they are just so funny...
Best wishes always Catherine xo