Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Road Trip

We went on a road trip to Ann Arbor and stopped in some places we like to see when we are visiting. One place is this store which is in the downtown campus area. They have lots of silly novelties and cards (Don't go there and read everything unless you take your sense of humor. I warned you!) and jewelry and great postcards and lots of retro candy.

I am sure you can find these band-aids in other places too, somewhere, but I got a chuckle out of seeing and reading these fun items. My kids love special band-aids and used to often get some from the East bunny and in their Santa stockings...each kid a different theme... not necessarily any of these themes!!

Hey! Check out those cupcake band-aids in the top right corner, above. Pretty cute, huh??

How about these tin banks, aren't the people groovy? The one on the left looks like the 1970's Penney's catalog!
The store has tons of postcards of movie stars and music people from today and yesteryear. I browsed through Clark Gable and Catherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn and some others. Didn't get any, just had fun looking.   E. bought some Beatles and Johnny Depp postcards. Just to satisfy our pure curiosity, we looked in the "J" section to see if we could find postcards still in stock of a certain singer/dancer with the initials MJ. Nope. Not even one! You're not surprised though --are you?
A. bought some fruity scented erasers and N. bought a couple of pieces of candy.

Then we went to another fun place. Zingerman's. It is a place like nothing else around our neck of the woods. You go up some steep, well traveled, worn steps to go through the door to a crowded wonderful shop with time worn wooden floorboards. Wonderful smells greet you, blended from hundreds of individual foods. It is a deli, bakery, restaurant. It is fascinating, always filled to full capacity with people and very loud and bustling with activity! At least whenever we have been. It is super fun to look at all the specialty foods and cheese, meat, fish and baked goods and salads. You can taste test yummy new things too. We tested whitefish spread and smoked trout spread. Delish!! If you get there at the right time you will see the freshly baked breads of all types, shapes and sizes being tossed (tossed, I tell ya!!) from one employee to another to be placed on the shelves for sale.
Once you exit the sensory overload atmosphere and you take a moment to collect your spinning thoughts you just kind of think, "Wow! That's some place!" I have that reaction every time I visit!
Here's a hint: You can get really cheap baked goods/breads if you go late in the day, and the sandwich specials are a little more affordable especially if you just get one thing and share it like we did.
Here's my weird mystery of the day. I took lots of photos of Zingerman's both inside and out. When I got home all I had was this one panoramic shot of the last 3 photos I took, all joined together. It shows what we ordered to eat out on the patio, and N. enjoying his food. I do not know how I did it. I didn't mean to set the camera that way--but I kinda like it. But all my other photos are missing!!
Now we will have to go back to take more photos.
*silly grin*

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