Thursday, August 6, 2009

my brother

Here I am with my oldest of three brothers.

I have been told I had a so called "spoiled childhood". Could I help it that I was the only girl and the youngest child? I guess if having 3 older brothers meant the luck of not too many hand me downs of clothing (or dolls) and such as a kid, then YES! I was spoiled!! Also the fact that my youngest of three brothers was still older than me by 8 years made me almost like the second wave of family activity!

Since almost 15 years separate me from my oldest brother, that meant he was moved out of the house and married before I started having a whole lot of conscious memories of our family time as siblings under the same roof.

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Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Amy; thanks for visiting; I have been so busy whirling and wooshing through this summer; I owe you a big fat email when I get back from Minn. I promise.
I have the same pecking order your precious Mother did; I am the middle in between an older brother and younger sister. I believe my brother still believes that he is the only child and that my sister and I were taken in to be his servants. LOL

Once again I must comment on your good looking family; Your Dad is incredibly handsome - still can't believe his age. Your brother is also a good looker as of course are you dear Amy.