Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are you lookin' at me?

Ok so these are not prise winning photo achievements, but I had to snap these quickly...and these are the times I miss my point-and-shoot-every-time-it comes-out-perfect-no-matter-what-film-camera !!
This is what happens right outside the window most times when I am on the computer.

My little mischievous squirrel friend comes to check up on me. He appreciates the fact that I put my recycled picket fence so close to the house to enclose the garden area!
The fenced garden, with a crooked old weathered gate, is an area about 70x10 feet and angles to a sharp end in a corner by my computer window,  I get a nice view of the garden which grows both vegetables and flowers.

How does he know I am on the computer? Does he spy on me from the tall trees? Does he have a radar sense that alerts him- as he is some where else collecting acorns- that I am now on the computer?

Does he come to chatter at me or just to drive the cats inside the window nuts (bad pun)... or is he coming to say hello to this guy...

This is my German stuffed animal squirrel (4 inches tall) that I have had since I was about 5. He somehow came to sit next to my computer a few years ago, wearing his little wrinkled whiskers, and now he is always there to keep me company (and lure the real squirrel)


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

SO very cute...m.

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, love the squirrel story. I have a cute feeder made from a large pickle jar that looks like a house, but with the economy, the squirrels are on their own. I love all your stories and now that I have dial-up, I can try to visit more often-though it takes forever to load the page. My stories are the same old boring stuff, only this time with assault attached to all my health problems. Love and hugs, Pat

k.rowe said...

hahahaha! That squirrel is the cutest!! I love squirrels :) Great photos!