Saturday, September 26, 2009

moments and memories

Just remember the most precious lasting memories are often in the small stolen moments
not in the big long planned spans of time.
I wrote these words as a comment today on another blog and thought to myself, "Wow, sometimes my thoughts come out sounding very deep when I just let my words happen without much pre-planning ." And so I am sharing these words/thoughts on my blog with one of my favorite photos.
I also wrote in that same comment box about how when the air gets crisp in the mornings of the Fall, I long for the little cabin in Northern Michigan where we went for a week's rental for many years to see the colored leaves, until we needed to allocate our money to kids---- and things like allowance money and ..... food and clothing and dental payments!!!!
*Snap back from the escape of the quiet woods to reality of everyday responsibilities!*
I often find myself saying that I wish I could stop being a grown up and go back to being just someone's daughter, having my homework be my most harsh responsibility!!!

( I regret to say I cannot credit this photo as it was in one of those mass forwarded emails we all get.

I snagged it to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the image. )


Shelley said...

Hi Amy,I am catching up on your blog this morning. I love your quote. There is much truth in it. To commment on your post"input requested". I love when owners have music on their blogs. I find that it enhances the post very much.I carry through with quite a few post on mine. It is good when one is catching up as I am today on yours. I do worry about those you don't have high speed as to if it is taking them to long to load . My dear mom is still on dial up and she said the wait isn't that long.Your posies are so sweet and what a neat idea to make them into cupcakes. Very cute....
Have a wonderful weekend...much blessings

Lori said...

Oh Amy, your not wishing alone!! I would love a childhood autumn with my mom and dad. Car rides to Michigan to the apple farms, plaid school dress and white knee socks, you name it! Dang, you made me cry! I'll forgive you cause these are the wonderful memories of my life! Love to you, also send me your email for my private site to Lori