Friday, September 11, 2009

So many plans, so little time...

Some vintage bits~and~pieces: playing cards, hankie, cookie jar, jelly glass, birthday candles, fabric dye pamphlet, books, train engine and caboose, cake toppers, yellow record, sheet music, album cover w/ red & white stripes, tin spinning top, wooden rocking horse.

I do not know where the time goes during the hours the kids are back at school. Between doing the chores and errands and appointments and job, it seems the clock jumps forward to the time the first of three consecutive school buses are due to arrive in the afternoon to bring my kiddies back to me. Then things get really busy! ... before I know it the clock says it is time to fall into bed and put my tired head on my feather pillow-- currently enveloped in a vintage pink roses oh~so~soft pillowcase.

Things I hope to share soon=

1. new bathroom painted floor

2. a flash back memory

3. a new favorite thing to watch

4. fun with words

5. a life lesson

Stay tuned for things to appear on this site, composed by me ... if I am lucky enough, I may discover I finally have a clone to do all my other responsibilities so I can just play all day long!!!


Shelley said...

Hi Amy,I can't wait to see all your's my kind of stuff. Life can get very busy at times,indeed. Makes one feel like a little dog chasing his own tail,never catching up...I sure know the feeling....God bless

Lori said...

Hi Amy, Love that little box with the vintage cake on it! Too cute! Yep, I've been so busy with shower plans, where has the time gone? We started planning 17 months ago! Take care,Lori