Monday, October 26, 2009

my scout

N. joined cub scouts at the end of last school year. He didn't get to do many activities until this school year, in 3rd grade. He is having lots of fun and loves to wear his uniform shirt. He looks forward to adding more and more patches.

He had his first big event recently when he rode on a float with his fellow scouts in a fall parade in our town. It was so unusually cold for this time of year and his worry-wort-mom wanted him to wear a coat over his uniform. The shirt I sewed his patches onto is a hand me down scout shirt from our neighbor- which we were very grateful to have... but he doesn't have room for much layering for warmth underneath it. N. and my guy were partners in trying to convince me that he would survive the cold air.

Now if I could just figure out from where this new, silly, obviously forced smile has surfaced with N. I told him to stop smiling, and then smile again. SAME smile all over again! I hope he didn't do that silly smile for his school photos. Oh well, I still love him- silly smile and all. Did your kids ever go through a silly smile stage?

Something else N. likes to do lately is build with Legos. He comes up with some of the best ideas. I am easily impressed with just about any kid's efforts because my own Lego talent peaks at a plain square house with a window and door. Honestly. I fail at Legos. N. makes some super duper things and then takes them apart in the blink of an eye before his camera crazy Mom can record the creation. So, I felt privileged to have captured this one.

I am a fan of any toy that does not require batteries or electricity!!! I think imagination is the best power source for toys, don't you?


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I should scan a picture of my middle one when he was that age. He would always SQUINT one eye when his picture was taken. His school photo that year, yeppers, squinting.
Such an interesting age. Trying to be themselves, dramatic in many ways and still needing Mommy (though they really wouldn't want anyone else to know but MOM)
Thinking of you dear one. Big hugs and more!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Happy Halloween!!!