Friday, November 6, 2009

A look back...

I know it is late to show these photos, but I wanted to give an insight to our Halloween house before moving on to Thanksgiving. So here we go...

N. decided to carve his Jack-o-lantern at the last minute on Halloween day. He drew the design on paper then I transferred his idea on to the pumpkin with a marker and he carved it.
My kitty is looking on as a supervisor.
You know what's weird? I love the smell of pumpkin guts filling the air in the house. Silly.

This is the shelf in the hall.
We always love unpacking the insane asylum sign to hang up each year!
I painted the wall many years ago.

I always include old books in my decor. I have gathered old orange and black books, of course, for this. My twisty candle stick holder is a favorite item that I thrifted long ago. It is very heavy and has a great patina!!

I think we bought the skull at the dollar store at some point in the past and the bottle was thrifted. It is a real vintage medicine bottle from a Toledo pharmacy. I love the old label. I have never dared open the cap!!

This was the middle of the table with wooden scarecrow, glass pumpkin shaped jar filled with Indian corn and silk leaves, a thrifted porcelain Autumn house that can have a night light inserted into the back, a Mary E. Autumn book from a friend, a yummy smelling candle, some yummy candy, and a framed picture of me at my first birthday on a horse with my Dad as his brother stands nearby, (this is my Uncle I now help, he is 84 and has had Parkinson's for 17 years) . The picture has nothing to do with Halloween or Autumn, as my birthday is in Springtime. I just like the photo.

The bear was my Mom's. Teddy Bears are not personally my "thing", but my Mom really loved them so I have kept some of her bears. The large majority of them went to live with my brothers.
I painted the top of this thrifted dresser to look like copper with a patina of green.

This is also in the hall. I love these ratty old books!!! Another skull from the dollar store and another silly fun sign. The eyeball is a bouncy ball and A. put it in the skull. Funny! The kids keep changing the position of the "eye" when they walk through the hall, so you never know which direction he will be looking!

The hairy spider is fur and the Mummy and Dracula are really candles.

Don't you love the old books?
What do you decorate with that is thrifted or your favorite to unpack each year?

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