Friday, November 6, 2009

war era baby

Don't you love the graphics on old packaging? I do. This small package is one I acquired for my vintage babies ephemera collection. This box is one that some war era babies would have had in their house. Maybe many.
Apparently bottle nipples were available for purchase but not the matching caps.
The sides of this box say: Due to the necessity for conserving the country's supply of rubber for the most essential needs the manufacture of "Anti-Colic" Brand Nursing Bottle Caps has been suspended, so, temporarily you may not be able to obtain them.
My oldest brother wasn't born until 1948. I don't know about all over the country or world, but my Mom told me that she did not have many friends that breast fed their babies because it wasn't the thing to do in those years. I wonder if some mothers breast fed during the war years because it was more cost effective?
I fed all 3 of my babies. It was one of my greatest joys of their babyhood.
The above graphic would be fun to include in one of your own personal art endeavors, don't you think.
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Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Cute little vintage graphic! I am always drawn to vintage ephemera.