Saturday, December 12, 2009

Florida Flurries- 108 flakes

I searched "hand cut paper snowflakes" on Etsy, and I am the only person in the Etsy world who offers one of a kind hand cut paper snowflakes!! Wow! I was always curious but never searched to research it until today!
I did find some very beautiful Mandela type paper cutting items that are breath taking...
and plenty of people offering "hand punched" paper snowflakes which are all duplicates in mass quantity...
But no true unique and one of a kind snowflakes- which are always hexagonal, as in nature.
I have been cutting snowflakes for about 17 years and began 3 years ago to sell them, after being urged on by friends.
I recently listed a bunch of snowflakes in my Etsy shop and they have instantly found a new home (THANK YOU!!) where they will happily live....

Even Florida needs some snow....paper snow, anyway!

Every shovel full I had listed, except one, sold in one day's time!
That was a total of 108 flakes!!

They are going to be the honorary decorations at a party and will hang on ribbons from a chandelier.
I sure hope it is a sparkly one...

and a sparkly party!!!
It is sure to be fun with people gathered together, good conversation, maybe some scrumptious food, and paper snowflakes above the whole thing!!

I had blogged about my flakes being listed and back in stock, so I needed to scramble quickly to grab my scissors again and make the paper scraps fly as I cut some more one of a kind flakes.
I wouldn't want anyone in any other states, looking for flurries, to see the shovels full of flakes were all gone from my store!!

So I have spent the morning cutting and listing, so that these flakes shown here on this post are now available for your holiday and winter enjoyment. There are different offerings to choose from for your needs or wants
- all small flakes
- all large flakes
- or a variety of sizes.
I will continue to cut and list, so stop in often for a peek into the drifts as they pile up.
Just don't wait too long to scoop up a shovel full for yourself, as they are all one of a kind and may be shipped (no dry ice shipping required) to someone else.

Hundreds and hundreds of my hand cut, one of a kind, snowflakes have been sent all over the world. They have been seen in museums, universities, store display props in New York City, and advertising photo shoots for a famous hospital! I am so proud of their flaky achievements!!


Gerushia's New World said...


I am just dumbfounded about these gorgeous snowflakes. I think we've all dabbled with cutting flakes, even in kindergarten, but these....these snowflakes are magnificent! Do you just make it up as you go along?

I had to giggle when you said you "needed to scramble quickly to grab my scissors again and make the paper scraps fly". It reminded me so of Edward Scissorhands when he sculpted ice!

Gerushia's New World

Jill said...

What fun! Your snowflakes are fabulous! So much fun to make, I'm sure. And they are all over the world!!! What a happy place you have here. Now... don't do that laundry... just snuggle up with a good book... or perhaps some snowflakes.... and have fun!
xoxoxo Jill