Friday, January 29, 2010

inflation, geez!

I love this old receipt I found in one of the vintage pattern envelopes I acquired the other day. The form shows "195_" as the place for the year to be filled in, but on the line in front of it the year "1962" is filled in, written in ink, by the store clerk.
Here's the part that makes you think: Some lucky woman bought 6 yards of fabric and a pattern for a grand total of $5.46. Well, I guess she didn't know she was lucky back then because she didn't have a crystal ball to know how much those same things would cost 48 years in the future!
I also enjoy that one of the fabrics she purchased was "dotted Swiss". I had lots of childhood dresses made of dotted Swiss.
Did you?

Have fun using this image for your scrapbooking or art.
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