Saturday, February 6, 2010


We do not buy oranges on a regular basis at our house. I love oranges, I crave oranges.
It's because, here in northern-most Ohio, we do not always have such great prices for oranges. I just refuse to pay big dollars for a couple smallish size oranges--and try to feed a family of five on said oranges and have happy results. I know, you're saying, "Back in "Little Women" times they got an orange (yes that's 1 orange) for the year, given as a Christmas gift, and they were happy as larks. Oh this blog post is now sounding like we are spoiled rich brats, right about now.
Let me continue.
When we do have oranges available at a price that doesn't make one think, "Ok we can get oranges AND have electricity this week." (somewhat slight exaggeration for effect), they are usually a disappointment in flavor or texture.There. That's my rant for today.

At those times I bring to mind the saying, You get what you pay for, and wonder if those expensive oranges would at least reward us with better taste/texture .
All you blog readers in orange areas of the country snickering quietly with your hand over your mouth.... It's ok. I know you're doing it... you can take your hand away and snicker right out in the open. When you live near The Great Lakes, like us, you get all the Lake Perch and Walleye you want but no oranges.

My guy came home one day with a bag of oranges. A bag, I tell ya! I about died thinking how much THOSE must have cost. As I opened my mouth he spoke first and told me how much they cost. What? Are you kidding? That's great! There must have been a line out the door and around the store, with people threatening bodily harm to one another at the
bag- of- oranges- at- a- great- price display area!!
Hold the phone! (Does anyone ever say that any more? Maybe now it's, hold the iphone, or hold the Bluetooth.)
Ohhhh, I get it now....these are going to be the kind of oranges that look yummy and tempting and make you feel like you got the deal of the century but you cut into them, taste them and have buyer regret, no matter how cheap (sorry) inexpensive they were.

I have had in a long while.
N. had been begging to make homemade squeezed orange juice with his great grandma's low tech kitchen gadget.
I let him.
He used all but 2 of those fab oranges.

Guess what? He put the juice away in the fridge... and promptly dumped it all over the floor the next time he opened the fridge door, and before anyone could drink any. We were both in the kitchen when it happened as if in slow motion, like some great movie special effect.
The whole time we were cleaning up the sticky mess, I was thinking, "I wish I was the kind of housekeeper--you know the kind--- where you could eat off the floor!"


Gerushia's New World said...

Oh Amy...this is a fabulous post! And...I must admit, I am one of the readers that was snickering quietly with my hand over my mouth! But...even here in sunny Southern California, our oranges lack in flavor sometimes. The best is when you can pick them straight off the tree, still warm from the sunshine.

Oh, and I feel for you...what a sticky mess you must have had!

Gerushia's New World

She'sSewPretty said...

I'm not snickering....but, I do have two orange trees and they are the sweetest, juiciest oranges you could ever taste. We've picked all the ones within reach. As soon as I can get the hubby up on the ladder, we'll pick some more. I wish I could send some to you. That probably isn't legal?
Have a wonderful weekend Amy!

Lois said...

Hey Amy!
What a disappointment for you. No orange juice after all that. I know what you mean about no taste. All of the oranges in Canada are brought in and I am sure they are all green when picked and least they taste like it. So when we have a craving for oranges we buy 100% juice. That's the best we can do and the most I will pay.