Saturday, February 6, 2010


Darn it all. Why does N. grab lined notebook paper to make spur of the moment creations of art like this owl? Doesn't he know his Mother wants to frame everything because they are true masterpieces?? He has a sketch book with plain pages that he also draws in, but he usually grabs whatever is handy at the time. Maybe I should strap his sketch book to him.
Please send all letters/complaints of child abuse to:
The most terrible,
shallow mother of the year.
I should get over it and love the lines on the paper too, right??


Carol said...

Yes!! Frame it just the way it is and hang it in a place of honor. Someday you will look back and laugh when you remember your initial thoughts about it!!!!

Gerushia's New World said...

Looking back on my kids old drawings, I now tend to love the ones that are the quirkiest and messiest....lines and all.

I use to collect owls when I was a little girl. Go figure...

Gerushia's New World