Monday, April 19, 2010

dust bunnies and cob webs are a decorator's friend

Do you ever use the excuse that you need to rearrange absolutely everything to dust properly? Ok so maybe I'm just weird that way. I have been told I am weird for many reasons, but we won't go into that just now.

Yesterday the sun was shining and I love that. But that happy bright sun has an evil side. It shows all the cob webs and dust bunnies. You don't have those? I'm happy for you --now go away! Just kidding.

I love to rearrange things. Furniture and "stuff".
"Blame it on the doll house that Santa brought", my mom always said. I got one when I was in 1st grade. You know, metal with plastic colored furniture? I was constantly changing it all around. Even putting the kitchen in the bathroom and the bathroom in the living room. Now that's weird for sure. But fun, admit it! I can't be that creative in real life but I can change lots of other things around my real house without someone calling for the men in white coats to take me away.

This sewing machine went to live at my brother's house for a while. When I was about 9, Santa brought me a mini, real working sewing machine. Good grief... my smile wrapped around the back of my head that year  when the wrapping paper was torn off !

So now there is a new arrangement and a few less dust bunnies and cob webs about.
Good thing they come back. Good, you say? Yes. That way I can change things yet again!
How often do you rearrange "stuff" and make new vignettes?
Post note: The things shown were given to me and nearly all of it has subsequently gone on to live at someone else's house (my brothers and I trade things back and forth), or they have been sold off. The old books were my great grandmother's (I still have those) and have her name handwritten inside the cover with the dates they were received. looking at them is kind of like a time capsule of a simpler time before all our connectedness to so much technology. I have a fondness for old thread spools that are wood and for old sewing books. One year for Christmastime I took all the red and green wooden spools of thread and piled them inside a clear glass canning jar with hinged lid...I had more positive comments on the uniqueness factor of that, than on the beauty of the live Christmas tree.


Diva Kreszl said...

my husband often says I move things just so he won't know where anything is :) silly boy, I'm just cleaning!

Carol said...

Ahh...there's nothing like making everything look fresh again!! I have to admit I don't move things around often. I don't like 'change'!!!! (and I have the dustbunnies to prove it~)

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, I have my aunts sewing machine that is exactly like yours. Is yours old or is it a reproduction? My aunt doesn't know anything about hers other than she bought it at an antique store. I have my mothers like that except hers goes in a cabinet that I got when we divided furniture and I want to refinish it in white since it will be going in my craft room. I too like to re-arrange but living in a small cottage, makes it hard to do. Love and Hugs, Pat