Monday, April 19, 2010

ups and downs

Well, I've done it again. Tucked away all the posts about my daughter that tell of her challenges in life. I sometimes feel like I need to put them away and keep them- and her-safe.
Safe from the world.
Safe from judgement.
She is a good girl. She tries hard everyday to be her best.
It's been a journey of life handing her ups and downs, since the day she was born.
My blog is a place where I wanted to feel free to journal my life and journey with my daughter and share with family and friends who "get" things, and understand. You know what I mean? I also have always felt that sharing her struggles and triumphs would serve to help someone else. That was always my goal.
I count as one of the best days in her lifetime the day that she told me that she would do anything medically to help herself and in turn help someone else. I was so proud and that same feeling of pride rushes over me each and every time I recall her saying that.
More and more I hear about how personal sites are used to seek out info to harm someone. I feel protective of what the "world" may judge.
As she tries to transition to adulthood and what that may or may not mean for her future, I would not want my journaling to hold her back from an opportunity.
A mother's blog is not a daughter's resume. When did it begin to be so?

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