Monday, April 19, 2010

springtime poodle and sweet birdies

Have fun with these in your personal art endeavors. Fun to use as a gift card tag too!!
I believe the poodle is from the 1950's.


Secondhandrose said...

thanks for stopping by. the poodle is adorable. Happy Spring.

Lori said...

Hi Amy
Just checking in! Wow some homes in Florida! Leaving for Orlando May 7th. Poor Elise, the sun can be brutal! Glad you could get away and have some fun, I can't wait to fly the heck away from here! It's funny since I returned from AZ can't wait to leave again! Write soon to my email, Lori

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, that poodle is adorable. I think I might use it on a journal that is pink. Sorry I haven't been by to visit, but I have been really busy with my giveaway and am finally back to crafting after all these years and it feels really good. Still painting things I have that were green and going for a fresh white look with some pink for accents. Thanks for sharing your graphics. I have a book filled with graphics that has a disk, so I may just transfer them to my hard drive and post some freebies on my blog. Love and Hugs, Pat