Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cross your fingers

We will know by the end of the week if E., my special needs daughter, has been hired for a real life paying job at a local fun spot (I don't want to reveal the exact place!).
She went yesterday to her first ever interview . So cross your fingers! Please.

In the meantime she will continue to go to school for her 5th year of high school, while spending time on her volunteer work at the rescue horse barn where she has helped for 6 years, and also volunteer 5 days a week at the memory care unit of an Alzheimer's living facility where she has helped for 1 year.

She is a smart girl who has issues she has faced bravely. I am proud of her -always.

Cross your fingers. A prayer wouldn't hurt either.
I'll keep you posted.
UPDATE: The interview went surprisingly well, but was very short which I thought was not a good sign. She did not get the job, but I am still very proud of her. It is all a learning experience anyway!


SarahZ said...

Anyone who spends that kind of time for others, all while enduring the rigors of school life, must be an awesome person!
Fingers crossed, prayers said!

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, how awesome for Elise. My gs Jacob is also in the Marching Band this freshman year and it just seems like yesterday,, I was changing his diapers. Where does the time go. Elise is doing what every teen should do, volunteer. I think it is wonderful and I will keep you all in my prayers. Wish I could buy something right now to help you, but we just blew a night out's funds buying from one of the crazy sales---yes, I am one of those crazy people who buy candy from my grandchildren to help them out. We bought tickets for poor boy sandwiches to help the band and candy from my gd to help hers. What we do for our grandchildren. It is easier when you don't have children in school. Your turn will come and you will look back and laugh and say "I must be nuts" to pay that much for wrapping paper, magazines, or candy-lol. I hated it when my children were in school because we rarely did that, but now we can for the grandchildren. Love, hugs, and many prayers that you do well at Etsy. Have you thought about having a bake sale instead of a garage sale-that might help. Pat