Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween is coming, roses are fading

Surprised that this post isn't filled with little pumpkins with silly expressions carved into them and cute little witches? That's because I am getting ready (hopefully soon) to unpack the Halloween storage tub any minute (when I find a free minute).

In the meantime, I thought I would snap a few pics of how my bathroom has looked for the end of summer. Thrifty antique roses postcards and tins. The postcards are fun as some have writing on the back. The tins remind me of being at my grandma's house. Did/does your grandma have tins?
Grandma kept lots of things in tins. One for buttons, one for zippers, harvested from clothing that had been retired. Did you ever have a grandma or great grandma who harvested zippers or lace or buttons off things? Do grandmas still do that today? Maybe not so much as those depression era grandmas. I have been known, now and again, to buy a 25 cent shirt at a rummage sale just to harvest some great buttons that would sell on their own new for $10-$20!
My favorite use of tins at Grandma's house was when she would layer homemade cookies in between layers of waxed paper. Mmmmmm! Except the ones with red and bright green dried fruit in them like what goes in fruitcake. Those cookies, not so good. I guess even Grandma couldn't hit it out of the park every time!

Don't you love finding freebies like rose paintings and sweet cherub prints, that all seem to get along together well-- even though they were not found together when acquired?

Fun how that works, huh? So this is how my bathroom has been greeting its visitors of late. But now it is time for a more whimsical seasonal change. The kids are looking forward to the Halloween novelties decor slightly more than they anticipated the roses theme.
PS- I am dragging out the traditional Halloween stuff for the kids' benefit. I have a few black and white and very glittery things that I made and some gifts I was given a few years ago that will be my favorites again this year. Think crows! A little "Martha look" and Alfred Hitchcock mixed together.

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