Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Circus

We went to the circus! I love the circus!! I don't remember ever going as a child. I have gone 3 times as an adult - and all in the last 3 years! There is something about the thrill of dangerous tricks and potentially dangerous animals that appeals to me. It could also have a whole lot to do with the fact that I am terribly frightened of heights. I get the chance to live through the performers as they do the ceiling-high/big top-high daredevil things they do oh so well. I pretend I am brave and skilled like they. I am also pulled in by the dazzling, sparkly costumes.
E. sat this one out and chose to stay home with a friend instead. She thought it would be a repeat of events, as we have seen The Garden Bros. Circus once before. They change their acts and line up of events from year to year so we did see all new things.
I'm sure I have a curiosity about the circus way of life and its people because my Great-Grandpa George was a trapeze artist with Ringling Bros. in the 1890's. (He wasn't afraid of heights!!) He gave up the circus and became a finish carpenter in order to marry my Great- Grandma Anna. Her father said he wouldn't allow the marriage to take place unless George had a real job!
Did you know that cotton candy and snow cones and all that other stuff has 0 calories...but only if eaten while enjoying the circus acts? NOT. Oh if that could only be true!!

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