Sunday, April 8, 2007

Crazy Quilt

Do you like the crazy quilt I made? This is only one portion of it. It is actually a table centerpiece quilt which measures about 14" x 14". I made it yesterday while watching my Dark Shadows videos.
(I love to go to a local resale game/movie store to buy their 99 cent videos!! No one else but me is still thrilled with videos instead of DVD's, I must be their best 99 cent customer. Each video has 4 or 5 episodes of my favorite blast from the past - Barnabas Collins, the vampire!)
Anyway,back to my quilt... I think I am going to do fancy top stitch embroidery along each seam as I have not yet put on the backing fabric. I bought the fabric last year but never got around to putting it together. I drew 10 different quilt pattern ideas and had each of the kids vote for their 3 favorites by placing an x next to their choices on the paper. It ended in a 3 way tie - so I was the tie breaker and put my x next to the crazy quilt idea.
It is in the middle of our Easter day table and our Easter tree complete with miniature ornaments (thrifted from our new local Goodwill) sits atop.
Our glazed spiral sliced ham smells very yummy so I have to go... until next post. Good-Bye and a JOYOUS EASTER to you.

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