Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

It did indeed continue snowing and we woke up to a heavy dusting of snow this Easter 2007! My girls did not want to get all dressed up -"It's too cold for a dress or skirt, Mom!"
I tell them that it was so fun to dress them up in frilly dresses and ruffly socks and party shoes until they were about 5 or 6 years old... then they started to protest. They say, "Oh, get over it , Mom!!" I love to embarrass them in the stores if we happen to pass the little girls' department. [I can't help myself!] I pick out tiny little precious dresses and beg them to let me buy one for them. If we are in the shoe department, I pick out the tiniest patent leather party shoes or sandals and say, "Here! I found your size!" They pretend they don't know me, every time, without fail. I just don't understand it. Isn't it a Mom's job to be embarrassing to her teenager and pre-teen? Of course, the ironic thing is I always pick out sizes that are smaller than what my babies came home from the hospital wearing!!
The picture above is me at age 2. Mom made sure I had little crinoline slips to make my dresses more poofy and twirly when I would spin around. This was one of my many Polly Flinders -smocked front- dresses that Mom no doubt had purchased off the clearance rack in a size too big knowing I would fit in it at some point. She was good at that... and so it was always like a shopping spree in my own closet as I grew up, knowing there was always something new to look forward to in my wardrobe. I always loved putting bonnets like this on my 2 girls when they were little, as well.

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