Monday, June 11, 2007

"Fantasy Family"

I love old pictures.; even pictures of people I don't know!!
I have some pictures of strangers ( mostly cabinet cards and tin types ) I bought in my early twenties. I would buy at estate sales in big, grand, old houses . Sometimes the old house the sale was held in was just as much eye candy as the treasures and trinkets for sale. Growing up in a one story ranch house (as I did) you tend to think of stairways, banisters and under the stair cubbies as romantic and thrilling!!! Silly, I know.

If you don't own any "fantasy family" pictures you can visit a great web site called Dead Fred. Fred has thousands of photos of all types that are looking for a home!! If you are a genealogist you can search the vast collection by surname. If you just want to have fun looking - you can look by era, theme or whatever. Do you like ladies wearing lovely hats or gowns? Go search.

1. I don't know these people, I'll bet they were kind and wonderful.
2. I make it all up, no ill will is intended.

This is Martha and Eugene and baby Grace. Living during the dust bowl depression era is tough. They are many miles away from the support of their parents. The crops have failed. Despite the hardships at hand, they are happy and know they will make it together as a tightly knit family of three.

 That's Eunice on the left and Adeline on the right. They are cousins. Adeline is the wealthier of the two, and she tries when she can to help out Eunice by sharing her abundant advantages. She shares her extra bike because Eunice has none, and has sometimes even allowed her to borrow clothes, even though Eunice's momma doesn't approve of such vain things. Eunice works hard to gain self-confidence, but is often slightly slouched and terribly quiet and shy at school. Eunice loves her cousin dearly and considers her a friend she can share secrets with, but doesn't always find it easy to hide her jealousy. Eunice had a crush on George at Sunday school, but George fell in love with Adeline, never noticing Eunice. Ten years after this photo was taken Eunice ended up founding a Charm School for girls. Students are placed on waiting lists to enroll, it is so successful. On the wall in the front entrance hall is a framed copy of this photo. Sadly, Adeline and Eunice were riding through town in a motor car when there was a crash caused by another driver, and  Adeline did not survive. George ended up marrying Eunice 2 years later.


Tricia Scott said...

thank you for the link to the site with the photos-that sounds like a fun place to visit next! i love your idea of creating a name and life for these people. i did a swap once where we did that and i loved it---thank you for the inspiration!

Gypsy Purple said...

Thanks for visiting Amy....and thanks for sharing this link...loved the site
Love your idea of stories!!!!

sdia49 said...

This was the Schatz Family! Don't you recognize Myrtle, William, and baby Mary Beth? They were a hard working couple that raised chickens and sold eggs to the public.
Sue D

red tin heart said...

The one on the left if Effie and she is being secretly abused by her cousin Shelia, to the right. She is slouched over because her cousin just kicked her in the shin before they walked in to get their picture taken, and it's hard to stand up. Effie does prevail though, she marries a millionare. Shelia, on the other hand became the first female boxer in the U.S. but was killed fighting a six foot eight Russian boxer in the first round.