Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday !

Today my baby boy is 7.
It hardly seems possible .
He is almost as tall as my 11 year old daughter, A.
{He takes after my sweetie in the tall category.}

He was a scheduled c-section, 15 days before his targeted birth date. He was still almost 10 pounds!!!! I wish, in hind sight, I would have waited a few days longer --or better yet, introduced him to the outside the womb world EARLIER.

The reason...every year his b-day hooplah gets swept under the rug in the crazy, hectic, back to school mess. Today it was his first day of 1st grade and his sister's first day of Junior High School over shadowing it all. Last year his day fell on the day before school started and that included Open House at school and the preparation of his 1st day of kindergarten and his oldest sister's 1st day of High School. In the years prior to that it was always something to do with school and the hubbub that goes along with it.

Now don't think he goes without attention. Far from it. He ends up kind of celebrating over weeks time instead of actually having one spectacular special day like other kids do.

He had cupcakes with his classmates today. A big hit! Their classroom was over 100 degrees today. It was 96 and super duper humid in Ohio today. They sang to him and he had a special crown. His teacher is one of those teachers that was BORN to be a 1st grade teacher. She's great!!! A. also had her for 1st.

Last year I was a disappointed kindergarten parent who secretly wished the rules could be bent when I was told by the teacher that she couldn't allow N. to bring in a birthday treat to share with the class until the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL -because that's how she does the summer birthdays!! When you are in kindergarten, birthday celebrating is serious business, right? Are you with me on this one???It was his kindergarten birthday and it was ONE DAY before school started. To make a kindergarten student wait 10 months to celebrate his birthday that was THE DAY BEFORE school started!!!!! Ugh.
Talk among yourselves while I get my blood pressure back down.......

Ok I'm better.

We will probably have a party this weekend - a cook out and cake and more presents ( as soon as I find my really good hiding places where finds have been stashed away from little eyes ).

I won't win the Mother Of The Year Award this year I'm afraid. I am admitting (to only you) that more than once today, as I was running around with everything on my list-- I actually had to remind myself, "Oh that's right, it's N's birthday today." Sad isn't it.

I think I need to have a day off.



Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Happy Birthday to Nicolas! I am so proud of you for your motherly attention! I was a Christmas time baby and never had a party, cake, etc. When I had my children I went almost overboard for their birthday with attention. LOL.
I am waiting to hear how his first day at school went. How did it feel? did you cry?
Big blessings to you!

cammyk said...

Happy belated birthday Nicholas!!

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday Nicky babe!! 7 ehh, man of the world! Tell him it's down hill from now on!!
I do love your education system, you get to keep your babies for longer. Over here the poor little loves are being forced into school by 4. I think it stinks. they should be at home with mumma.
Well thats my rant over with!! xxx

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh my--that is the cutest little birthday boy!! Happy birthday Nicholas! He looks like a happy little elf, lol!!
Smiles, Karen

Mary said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nick...
Hope you had a Great Day.
Brandy's is on Nov.24, no party because school is out and it is a holiday. So she knows how you feel.
She is teaching first grade,you will be learning all kinds of fun things.
She is going to take Joe the fish next week.
Have a fun and safe school year.

Deb said...

Happy birthday Nicholas!

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh...tell Nicholas Happy Birthday! My youngest has a summer birthday too. Ask his teacher if you can bring treats in on his 1/2 birthday. I know that is still a long way away.
I hope you are having a great weekend. I got the nicest package from a friend today! Thanks Sweet Amy!