Thursday, August 23, 2007

Soft and Pretty

On the way home the other day after dropping E. at the Horse Rescue were she volunteers{you can read about that here and here}, I hit some great sales. I hadn't planned on stopping anywhere. The other 2 kids were at home with sweetie. When you have no kids in tow it seems logical to stop and take a minute to snoop, errr I mean shop.

This is what I got for a real deal.

Don't you love how smooth and soft vintage hankies are after being washed a million times? I'm sure these have been ironed a million times too.

More vintage hankies. I adore them. I remember as a child always having a special hankie of my own and my Mom's empty lipstick tube to proudly tuck into my big girl purse.

They are a lost part of society now~~ with antibacterial liquid soap at every sink and fear of germs and the 21st century cootie boogie man lurking around every corner!!! It occurred to me that when people clean out "Grandma's house", some may just throw out stuff like this as they have no sentimental or modern use value. Others believe they do!

A hand embroidered tea towel.

UPDATE: All these items have been sold


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Vintage linens are a special weakness to me. I must confess to wanting to hoard them. However, now and then I gift one. Whenever I see them I MUST have them.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Me too---I go to garage sales or estate sales, and the first place I hit is the linens table! Beautiful hankies! Drool.
Smiles, Karen