Friday, August 17, 2007

"Fantasy Family"

 These orphaned photos are being cared for at this web site. 

1. I don't know these people, I'll bet they were kind and wonderful.
2. I make it all up, no ill will is intended.

Helen, Bessie and Fern are kind of puzzled as to why posing like this will help them get a part time summer job. The "nice gentleman" told them it was an important part of the interview. Bessie said she would ask her momma about it when they all go back to her house for cold sodas.
The first chapter of this picture's story can be found by clicking here - it's about Sarah Jean.
You can't tell by looking at this picture, but these 2 are having a conversation...
" Sister Catherine Margaret , how did you best deal with disciplining her?"
"Well, Sister Maria Frances, you may have to come up with something more harsh than writing I will not hang binders from the ceiling 1000 times. I found that with Sarah Jean that did not impress upon her the error of her ways."
Footnote: I was raised on 12 years of Catholic catechism, I am a Catechism teacher, my husband had 12 years of Catholic school and both my husband and I have nuns and priests in our family trees. I don't mean to criticize or insult with this chapter of "Fantasy", only have a sense of humor.

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Daisy said...

Boy am I glad I've just read the footnote...I'll bite my tongue,hush my mouth and not make the "Penguins" say dead rude stuff!!xx