Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Bestest Friend In The Whole Wide World

Amy -and me Amy
My friend that knows me better than anyone is my friend Amy. We have been the 2 Amys since we were both 5 years old. We met in kindergarten and discovered we lived 2 blocks apart. Her parents still live there and I still live here!!! Amy lives in Washington state. She is very happy there and I am very happy for her to be so happy!!

me and Amy
The only thing that makes me happier is when she returns here for a visit- which she did, and for Christmas!! I always wish I could stop all the hands on the clocks so we could just talk, hang out together and play with no sense of responsibilities to that universal force called time.

When we get together it is as though no time has elapsed during our apart time. For me she is a safe haven; a port in the storm of life. She knows my shortcomings, my triumphs, my fears, my mistakes, my victories, my childhood, my family, my secrets. The best way to describe her friendship is "comfortable".
I know you are thinking that means I take her for granted or that I compare her to a old familiar broken in shoe. Well I don't for a minute take her for granted... And if you find yourself lucky enough to have a friendship that has been broken in since the age of 5, then you know just how cherished and comfortable that feels. So yes, I guess like a broken in shoe - we fit.

Amy is just setting up her Etsy shop and I will be her first biggest fan.
I will announce her GRAND opening as soon as she is totally up and running. She will quickly acquire worldwide fans.
We are both well acquainted with our own collections of sewing machines.
I was more active before 3 kids came along to suck the time away from my fabric/needle/thread activities.
Amy makes her living by her sewing talents. She is incredibly creative -as you will be able to see for yourself.
The wonderful results of her skills will soon be introduced to the world through Etsy.


The Feathered Nest said...

I love that you both are AMY's!!! You know a true friend when time passes, you talk, and pick up just where you left off. Loving one another for who they are, where they are and accepting them for it all they are.....I can't wait to see her shop!! xxoo, Dawn (Which Amy are you, long hair or short???)

Amy Wagner said...

Sorry! Thanks for pointing out that I hadn't labeled the photos as to who was who!! I went back and fixed that. I am the long haired Amy.
Good eye, Dawn. Thanks!!