Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Age Appropriate

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At our house, sometimes N. says something just a little off bubble and very funny. This time it was N's Daddy that came up with the zinger. So here is the "DADDYism":
N. received a game that involves cracking a code and determining a secret number on a safe dial in order to open the box!! Mind you, his birthday was in August and the dial had not been cracked...not until a few nights ago.
N. and his Daddy have been trying, and trying to figure it out. I suggested a stethoscope or some other trick like you see in the old movies.
Then it occurred to me that maybe the age of the game was too hard for N. and the games awaiting inside the elusive locked box would be just more frustration for a seven year old- instead of hours of independent fun.
My sweetie looked at the age posting on the front of the box.
"ages 8-12"
He said,
"Well there's the problem. Neither of us is 8-12!!!!!"
After that revelation, he promptly gave up and broke into the gosh darn box.
It seems the dial had a defect in the mechanism, as could be seen from the inside of the box. There are many games inside the box and
they are all good for even a 7 year old. The 47 year old, I'm not so sure!!!!


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LOL!! That's one game those guys won't soon forget!
Smiles, Karen