Wednesday, June 18, 2008

100 hundred years...

I love chairs. Really I do. Not upholstered chairs so much as just wooden chairs. I used to go to a local auction house and bid on the one lone no match chair they had for the night's offerings. Sometimes if I were very lucky there would be more than one mismatched lone chair! I would almost always win the bid with 1 or 2 dollars as NO ONE wanted them. That was before people started discovering that lone chairs can become art pieces with some paint or imagination or a combination of the two.
I was a chair painter before it was the fad! I sold some of my painted chairs and I have some up in the attic that are temporarily out of my current decorating circulation and some more stacked out in the garage awaiting minor repair and some fun paint.
I like to look at a chair and see the detail that has not been highlighted and appreciated under the dust and grime and neglect and maybe a broken spindle. Paint can really transform any piece of furniture but chairs can bring an awesome reward.
The catalog page above is scanned from my personal
ephemera collection and it is from 1908!
Click on it to enlarge and then right click to save.
It could hold many possibilities for your art projects.
Enjoy!!(Please play nicely and do not copy it to sell just as it is. Thanks!)
Addition to this post: (later the same day)
I was going about my errands, zipping on down the road in my car-when I spied two redwood Adirondack chairs with matching end table out at the street at my neighbor's house. I put the car in reverse and went up to the door to first= ask if they were really intended to sit and wait for the trash man to haul them away; and second= if they were destined for the land fill, ask if they could pull them away from the street until I could collect them later with the truck.
Said neighbor was all too happy to have them go to a new home to be loved some more. Upon examining them, they need just one board (easily) replaced and a nice coat of paint.
Very strange that it should happen the same day I write this post!!


The Urban Chic said...

Amy, I finally read the entire story about your Washington trips. I am so happy to hear that things are going well. I'm bipolar and probably ADD and compulsive. I used to check locks, the stove, windows over and over. I have learned to control that. God has given you this child for a reason, and it sounds like you love her unconditionally. I pray her meds continue to help her so that it can help others. Hugs, Pat

Mary Isabella said...

Thanks for the page. you are always so kind to share...Mary