Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alive at Night??

Have you seen the movie Night At The Museum? We love to watch it over and over again!

Sometimes we pretend that these dioramas at the museum on the campus in Ann Arbor, Mi. can come to life and walk around and talk when the doors are locked at night and the real humans have gone away!! There are lots of these scenes in individual glass front cases. You can peer into the activities of people figures just inches high. I think it would be fun to create these little figures and structures and landscapes for a museum. Kind of like a combination of fairy house and doll house skills but very, very precise!!

It is so fun to believe that could happen and just what would happen when they wander around and meet all the other exhibits and dinosaurs and stuffed mounted animals.

We have loved to spend lots of time looking at how sticks and bark are used in these little scenes and we have tried to be more creative in our Fairy Houses in our yard because of it too.

There are many cases filled with displays of mammals and birds and fish and reptiles.
We noticed for the first time on this last trip that the stuffed Jack Rabbit has a nip missing out of his ear...there is a stuffed woodchuck displayed on that side of him and we decided the Woodchuck came to life one night earlier than the Jack Rabbit and took a bite!! OK so that wouldn't really happen but it was fun to make it up!!

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simple~needs said...

great pics!! wouldnt that be cool if they did??!! great idea about the rabbit..lol