Thursday, September 18, 2008

What? One more?

[babies from springtime 2008]

As if we do not have enough cute and cuddly bunnies around here; we are getting one more!!!!
Actually we are getting one back!!

[babies wearing Barbie doll crowns]

One of E's baby girl bunnies from a litter in the springtime of 2007, that was adopted out, is coming back to live with us. She is not getting along well with the dog she lives with with her current owner. So we are taking her in. After all, with 8 bunnies, what's just one more mouth to feed?!! Can you see my somewhat forced smile? Actually, they are so adorable it is hard to resisit falling in love with them.


Suzan Buckner said...

You have the best blog!! Thanks for all the Share the Wealth photos!!

Shelley said...

Hi Amy, Bunny love! My DD Regina(SIMPLE IS SIMPLE DOES)has around 20 bunnies. She loves everyone and won't give them up. Guess she would if she knew for sure they would go to a good home. Some of them she fed from a bottle because the moma bunny wouldn't nurse them.
I found all the Civil War pictures very interesting. I just read a book called,When will this cruel war be over? The civil war diary of Emma Simpson,by Barry Denenberg. It's a small book,and I read it in one day. I loved it.
Thanks for sharing all the pictures...

Blessings, Shelley

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

You know what they say about bunnies. They multiply. :)
They are gorgeous in the Barbie crowns.