Thursday, March 5, 2009

sweet buggies

A portion of a page from a 80+ year old catalog. The doll buggies are like one my Mom had as a little girl. Her Grandma worked for a department store and always bought beautiful dolls for her and her older sister.

My Mom around 1930 (Please play nice and DO NOT use this photo!)

This was a surprise , a wonderful lining of an envelope that came to me in the mail. I immediately tore open the envelope to save this wonderful patterned snip of paper.

Use the catalog page image and envelope lining image any way you wish.
You can click to enlarge, then right click and save.

(Please play nice and DO NOT use the photo of my Mom! Thanks.)


Loretta said...

Amy, I love the photo of your mom! What a wonderful picture. Do you have the buggy? My mom was born in 1933 and she got a buggy similar to that one; only it has little windows in the side. I have it! I have a picture on my website at if you wish to see it, visit my page on the sidebar, and it's under "doll collection" on the 2nd page. I don't have a picture of my mom with it; only my niece and my nephew.

VBR said...

The photo of your mom is just wonderful. She is quite a little beauty. Thanks for letting us see it!