Monday, June 8, 2009

One day left

E. only has one more day (one more exam- American History)to go for her junior year of high school to be history. Where does the time go? Today I picked her up in the late morning from school after she finished her Math and Environmental Sciences exams. We decided to do a girls' day while her two siblings were still in school for the full day.

We ended up going to a tiny little place with wonderful food and baked goods tucked inside a historical building which used to be next to the downtown hardware about 100 years ago. I love the old exposed imperfect brick walls and the painted tables. I love to paint things like they paint things, lots of bold colors and graphics!!
That's E., getting ready to taste her scrumptious cinnamon cake. That's a mango smoothie you see. The verdict.....Deeeelicious!!

Oh my golly was this ever yummy, a cobb chicken salad sandwich wrap and chicken soup!!

Look at that peanut butter cookie...have you ever seen such a treat?! It was huge! We split it.

This was the view out the front window where E. chose for us to sit. There was a custom designed painted park bench out front- and can you see it??- toile fabric on the back of the bench peeking through the window at us! Below is a closer look at one end of the park bench. I LOVE it. I like putting finials on things too! And the painting is right up my alley!
You can see the puddles in the background as it had rained all night and early morning but cleared up by the time we were out snooping around finding places to go.

We ended up going to a newly opened thrifty store too while driving around. E. found some brand new boots with the original tags still on them to wear at the horse rescue where she volunteers. Her old barn boots had become too small. Silly growing kids (do you have this problem too?)!! We were glad to find those as it was the last thing we expected to find. The boots were a good reasonable price, but I was pretty shocked when I saw some of the "priced too darn high" prices of some of the other things. I struck up a conversation with another customer and we laughed about the fact that you could get a lot of these things brand new at Target on sale for the same price they were asking!! I was disgusted that they were trying to sell glass and ceramic ware with huge obvious chips and cracks and just plain old broken for $5.99 and as high as $7.99. What the heck were they thinking????
Guess what? After our fun day together I looked at my photos and realized I never took a shot of the front of the really cool painted park bench. I thought I did. But I didn't. Now I will just have to go back. Oh darn. *smile*


Lori said...

Hi Amy
So wonderful to see how sweet and wonderful Elyse is doing. She's such a special girl to me. Savor my dear all those times together, as you said they grow to fast! Now the food looked FANTASTIC!! I adore Cobb salads and can only imagine how great that tasted the way it was made! Have a good week dear and could you do me a favor?? Could you give Elyse a big hug from a lady in Indiana who thinks shes a precious young lady! Love,Lori

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Sonds like such a fun day for you both...hugs...m..

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

The chicken soup looks deeee-licious. And what a fun, fun day--every girl needs a girl's day!

I love thrifting, but broken dishes for $6? Someone at that store didn't get the memo that thrift-store = cheapy, cheapy!

She'sSewPretty said...

What a great day! I hope you do go back and take a pic of that bench, It looks very Mary E. Our thrift stores are getting expensive too. I think they heard that even the "rich" people are shopping at the thrift store and raised their prices accordingly. Shame on them!

Lois said...

I agree with She's Sew Pretty. I was told by an employee of one of the thrift stores in our area that they have hired professionals antique dealers that come in and fix the pricing on everything before it is put out on the shelves. Some of the stuff is just so overpriced that I wait until I see whatever it is in a garage sale to get it at a more reasonable price.
BTW that cobb salad wrap looks yummy!
I am glad you and Elsie had a great mother/daughter day!