Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are you lookin' at me? -part II

My buddy the squirrel was back at it again while I sat at my computer. He likes to come and visit me. He is a real comic, this one! He has a wonderful mischievous personality. He is convinced he needs to find a way onto the bird feeders. Eating what the birds knock down to the ground is apparently "below" him!! (bad pun)

Maybe he secretly imagines himself as a bird, wanting to fly to the feeder and sit daintily upon the peg at the cylindrical feeder.
Yesterday in the garden outside the big window I had (all at the same time for about 5 minutes) 3 Purple Finches, 2 Wax Wings, 1 Hummingbird (isn't it now waaaay too cold for the hummingbirds in northernmost Ohio??) and another unidentified- until I look in my Ohio bird book- beautiful black with white spots size of a Blue Jay bird. While the birds flitted from the feeders and flowers to the porch roof and back again and again, 2 squirrels played on the fence.
My comic squirrel waited for the birds to eat (nice of him to use his manners) and then climbed the roof. I think he is more like a circus performer than a bird! But we will let him have his little fantasy.
Here are other silly photos of my squirrel buddy.

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Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh my!! What a little daredevil!! (And contortionist!)