Friday, July 16, 2010

back on the line

My new clotheslines are out under the tall pines and have been nice enough to hold my loads of laundry loads to sway in the hot summer breezes and save me some dollars on the electric bill. Well not really. I am spending the money on the central air conditioning instead, so either way the electric company still gets it. At least my laundry smells sweetly dried in the 100 degree heat index heat of northernmost Ohio.
Forecast calls for a whole solid week ahead of weather in the 90's and horrible seemingly-Ohio-rain forest-humidity!!
Now go ahead and call me crazy, but I actually enjoy hanging wash on the line. But this week I will hang the laundry a little faster to get back inside and enjoy the air conditioning!


Dawn said...

Gotta love the air conditioning!

Lois said...

Boy, I hear you on this one Amy.
Thank goodness for A/C.

SarahZ said...

I LOVE my clothesline!!!!!!
It is AMAZING how fast a pair of jeans will dry out here (1-2 hrs!)!!!! After the horrible-seemingly-Indiana-rain-forest-humidity.....
semi-arid is a good thing, believe me!!!!
so glad to check in on you again!

Arun said...

I am a big fan of marketing and I loved the vintage ad-photos you have on your blog. I learned a lot from them. Great job. :)