Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh dear!!

I don't know about this vintage ad. Is it real?? Sometimes the good ol' days weren't so full of good ideas.

At our house, my N. is somewhat of a popoholic. We have limited him to just a small amount of pop on the weekends only. His sisters never seem to crave pop. N. would drink it daily if he could. YIKES- not on my parental watch!

I am a water drinker. It is much more thirst quenching, in my opinion, and much healthier of course, too!

When I was growing up we never had pop in the house except when there was going to be a party like Christmas time or a summer cook-out or some other occasional grown-ups gathering. Any other time it was just not around the house.

What is your pop (or soda or cola) philosophy?


She'sSewPretty said...

Diet Coke!! I had to go without one for two days while we were in NEW Mexico and I Suffered!! ;o)

Chris said...

This one had me curious so of course I had to google the Soda Pop Board of America. The rumor circulating is that the organization doesn't exist and the ad is a fake! Either way, I love it and think it would be perfect for a layout or collage about my daughter's sweet tooth. Thanks for sharing!

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, I also drink water and when we were young, it was Kook Aid or tea to drink. Sodas were a treat and at that time, I loved pineapple soda or the original coke that we put salted peanuts in. Everyone did it and it was a good taste. Al drinks Root Beer and I on occasion have one also, but very rarely do I drink carbonated drinks because of my surgery and stomach.

Lois said...

I drink water. If I do want a soda it will be Diet coke or pepsi..preferably with lime in it.
Growing up we never had pop either.
On special occasions dad would buy a gallon or two (in glass jugs of course) of AW rootbeer...mmmm...that was the best! On occasion now days I will have a root beer but very seldom.