Sunday, July 4, 2010

salted peanuts

(from Crimes of the Heart)
Have you ever seen that movie? I watched it again a few weeks ago. It is silly and a little sad. I love the big old house and the big pitcher of fresh lemonade and the sisters being crazy together. I don't have a blood sister, although I have 2 people in my life I consider sisters.
I am also intrigued by the salted peanuts being put into a Coke. I have always wondered what that tastes like and have wanted to someday try it.
Pat commented on my last post about salted peanuts in Coke and it brought it all back to me...I need to try that!
I commented back to her that it must be a strictly Southern thing as I do not know anyone around here who does it. I also mentioned in my last post that I am not a pop drinker, as such.
Maybe I will make a date to try salted peanuts in Coke-- soon! I do wonder though, does the taste experience change if you don't do it with a glass bottle of pop?


The Urban Chic said...

Amy, the answer to your guestion is yes, it does make a differenc. Get the glass bottles if you are going to try it. Gosh I didn't know it was just a Southern thing. I love the way all of our social things are different. We have fais do does, which is a fun dance and celebrating.
We also put salt on watermelons. Go figure. Big Hugs, Pat

carla said...

We put Planter's Peanuts in our Pepsi bottles. It would lose something drinking it from plastic - it's kind of a retro thing.

I'm also from the south, but I didn't know we were the only ones who put salt on watermelon, but I find it difficult to eat it any other way.

Lois said...

Hey Pat.
I live up in Southern Ontario Canada and my big brother (he's 60 now) always put salted peanuts in his cola. The rest of us kids (there were 8 of us altogether) just thought he was weird.