Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to dress a thrifty chair

( My chair waiting to be dressed.)

The chair pictured above is my chair. I have 6 of them. They have been living with me for a few years. They were adopted from the curb of a rich neighborhood in my town. They looked so sad sitting there on the curb. I could see they had potential. They were so glad to come live with me. They have been dressed in many varying fabrics for their cushions.
By the way, the chairs have always been painted in a creamy white and they are kind of chippy which comes naturally at my house with anything painted around 3 kids. I was shabby chic before it was chic.

(My chair dressed in blue.)
I recently dressed them in some beautiful light blue faintly striped damask fabric. Lovely, but I am just not loving it right now in my home. Luckily the huge roll of beautiful light blue fabric was a $2 find at a garage sale so no kidneys were sold for the benefit of dressing the chairs.

Back to trying to decide what to dress them in... I am thinking of maybe some neutral fabric or pillow ticking possibly. I am yearning for a calmer neutral color scheme. I don't think I will do the light blue table theme this year and besides, the tablecloth might be handed off to live with someone else. Hey!, Maybe someone else will cut up the table cloth and make seat covers out of it?!
The best thing about fabric and seat covers is they are NEVER permanent. You could change them with the seasons or the days of the week.
If you have the time!

 I have been painting thrifty find furniture for years now and have been wanting to paint more of the pieces living with me. They have been begging, I mean patiently waiting, for a coat of artsy paint. But that all takes time. Time, my eternal theme in life.


Rachel said...

I love recovering old furniture. I think footstools are my favorite, they don't take much fabric or time and look like new when finished. Good luck with your chairs. I vote for ticking. It's pretty and versatile. Show photos when you're done. Can't wait to see them!

SarahZ said...

Such a fun post! We just recently recovered a couple caned chairs that I bought when my boys were 2 and 4....mistake! Now they are covered in a blue leather that I just love! It was a "sample" I was able to buy from a leather online place :) I am very fond of paisleys for chairs...and have one of those in rich blues, red, tans :) Happy dressup, Amy!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I love changing the seat covers of my chairs too. Something which comes in handy with 4 kids and 1 messy husband. :)