Thursday, November 4, 2010

clock as an enemy

Lately the clock has been my enemy. It ticks much too quickly each day. I need more tick tocks in an hour and in a day to do everything. Most people say that means things are simply over scheduled.
I like that word.
I have yet to master it.
People say to wait until you have grown kids. Then you have too much time and you wonder what you will do with all your time. Problem is, by the time my kids are all grown I will be too old to care. I thought having kids later instead of sooner was smart. It was smart for when I was younger. When I am older, not so much!
So here are some activities and thoughts that have been occupying my tick tocks of life.
1. We survived a 12 week stretch of high school football season, which at our house means marching band season for my 14 year old daughter. Before that, we lived to tell about 4 weeks of marching band camp. I have to say it went by super quick overall, and I actually had lots of fun. Wish I could have been at 2 places at once so I could have gotten all the other things done that I missed while sitting in the bleachers. I somehow found the tick tock time to sew a fleece backed school colors patchwork quilt to use at the games. It will be an investment in the 3 more years of bleacher sitting that are in my future. I'll hint of frustration and let you stew about the stories of camera batteries that went dead at just the worst times or when the battery was charged all day long----- but left at home!! Maybe I can master the battery thing now that we are on to Symphonic Band for the rest of the year.
2. My oldest daughter E. (18) who has OCD and Asperger's at the high functioning end of the Autism spectrum is now a paid employee at 2 (yep, two!) places. It all happened in a short 3 week time period, after months and months of filling out piles of applications. I was so worried that she would not find a niche in the working world of people who actually get a paycheck (she has infinite volunteer hours under her belt). I knew she could but I was worried the world would not think so. Besides bursting with a universe size feeling of pride, I also now have added responsibility. *tick tock* Essentially it is like I am the one with 2 paying jobs (on top of my own paying job which can flex anywhere from 25-50 hours a week, and on call 24/7 assisting an elderly relative with Parkinson's and dementia). You see, I am the transportation for my daughter. There's that need for cloning myself, again. Oh, and my poor old almost 15 year old car is still chugging along and has stopped counting how many trillions of times it has gone in and out of the driveway!
3. I am trying to pack away the Halloween decor and look forward to dragging out the Thanksgiving decor and on to Christmas. Here is how it goes at my house. The kids want it out. They dig and randomly succeed in making a mess of the decor by pulling favorites from the storage tubs. The rest just sits until mom takes over to do the rest. Thus, this is the year I am paring down and saving ONLY the favorites to be packed away for future seasons. The rest just takes up space -- and time! Here's a secret revealed=We have not had a Christmas tree in the house for about 4 years now. I was just on strike and didn't want to repeat the many years before when the kids wanted it ALL dragged out. They dug through stuff making a jumble of red, green and metallic but nothing really got accomplished as far as decorating the tree...and don't even get me started on the way everyone disappears when it comes time to take it all down and pack it away!! Soooo...I just didn't do a tree. It was guilt ridden tick tock time for a while but liberating too. The other day I announced casually that I want to have a Christmas tree. My daughter said, "Who are you and where is MY mother?" Stay tuned for the tick tock result of that promise on my part. Maybe my clone can do it for me. Oh, that's right, I don't have one. I need to sign up for a text alert to know when that is available....only I don't text. *Geeez*
4. I am threatening to pack away all the glass dishes, plates, bowls and cups and buy the cheapest paper products I can get my hands on. Maybe I'll get at least a month's worth supply of tick tock time saving on yelling at the family about washing the dishes or having to do them myself. Sorry I won't be very "green" about saving trees and all, but you could look at it like this= I would be saving my septic tank/leach field from all the dish soap that is usually going into it in the "gray water" and I could put the used paper products on my compost pile to rot and be tilled into feeding my Victory Garden next summer. That's green. Now if I could just get my clone to do the weeding while I spend my tick tock time transporting a daughter who may, by then, be earning more than me because I am not at my job because I am using my tick tock time taking her or picking her up from her jobs in a, by then, full 15 years old car.
But...I may end up with even more pride in my pay employed daughter, some great photo memories of my musical daughter, less holiday storage tubs overall, a clean counter top free of piles of ignored dirty dishes, a healthy organically grown garden, and maybe some extra tick tock minutes added to this old mother's days.
I hope my clone has a nice personality.


Shelley said...

Life has a way of getting to us...doesn't it.....hang in there This too shall pass.....I am on the tail end of getting my last kiddo graduated and out the door....with three before him..this one has been a real challenge ...can you say spoiled rotten....with severe ADHD..which hasn't slowed down one wonder I have gained so many gray hairs these last few years....I now have four grown children(almost)and eight grands under my belt....what a blessing and what memories..I am 51....I started my family at age 15...but I would never recommend that to any child....God has been so good through every good time and bad time and there has been many of both.....bless you dear Amy....

She'sSewPretty said...

Great post Amy. I still say peanut butter and jelly on paper plates. Hang in there girlfriend!

Rachel said...

Wow! Makes me tired just reading about it! I am in a similar boat, though. When you figure out that cloning business, let us know about it - we could all use a good clone!