Saturday, April 16, 2011

beauty and treasure

You never know what you may find at a rummage sale, garage sale, yard sale, estate sale, tag sale-- 

I had long ago purchased a tiny wooden frame with silver paint very worn from what I believe to be many decades or maybe even a century of wear. The tiny size spoke to me even though the picture featured inside did not. Many times that is the reason I purchase--for the frame and not its contents.

The frame sat, neglected, tucked away and almost forgotten in a box of other frames. In searching through things to sell or donate, or to find inspiration to finally art again when the time presents itself to me, I became reacquainted with that tiny frame with touches of remaining silver paint. Since I had a RARE moment to myself (for a change) that did not involve being behind a bathroom door (!), I thought I would empty the unwanted contents of the frame.

I found this scrap of artwork hiding between the front image which was not going to be kept and the backing paper! What a thrill! I immediately smiled. I immediately wondered about this beauty as I held the fragile paper in my hand. Who drew it? How long ago? Was she a real person or the imagination of the artist?

The torn edges on two sides were wonderful. The discoloration almost magical the way it forms an oval around her. I was so excited that my find had revealed such treasure beyond the tiny wooden frame. No markings nor signature appear anywhere on it.

She had, all this time, waited patiently for me to rediscover her after rescuing her from the sale.


She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! She is beautiful!! I love it that you uncovered her in an old frame. What a treasure!

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, what a beautiful treasure to find. I am sure I will find plenty I have forgotten when I get my craft room reorganized. It is a mess of boxes and things I inherited from my mom's stash. Since my heart attack, I just can't find the energy to go in there and start the job for a garage sale and I really do need to have one. I have too much and I don't want to be called a hoarder, but you can still walk in the room, so it's not that bad YET! I have given up going to thrift stores for a while, because they are repainting our house. A lot of work had to be done that was neglected for way too long.Love the rose picture also and if I ever craft again-lol-that is a beautiful picture I may be able to do something with, so thank you so much. Hugs, Pat