Friday, April 15, 2011

Vintage roses and simple joys

I am overwhelmed. Busy. Appointments. Meetings. Deadlines. Needing to clone myself. I say "no" to a lot of things but there are things now that can't be said "no" to. (Yep, I know, don't ever end a sentence with the word to.) Anxiously awaiting time for the "fun" me to be able to do things again. Right now it is the "mom on a mission" me trudging through the days on the calendar, yet they seem to go by much too rapidly.

These beautiful roses are a vintage scrap I am sharing with you. Make something beautiful with them. I will live through your artfulness until I find time for my own.

A little list of things that bring joy:

*pretty pink flowered vintage cotton pillow cases, all soft and nice from hundreds of washings

*my favorite perfume softly lingering many hours after being applied

*very old and extra tattered books in a pile that is not a neatly lined up stack

*a beautiful milk glass bowl with lacy edge that cost just 25 cents filled with brightly colored oranges

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Anonymous said...

my dear sweet friend,
This is the first time I have looked at your blog site in almost a year I think. I miss you so much and know some of what you have endured recently and admire you for your strength. You and I have so much in common and both enjoy the same types of things, I feel that we are true soul mates. I love your blog by the way. Always love looking at your "pretties"
your friend, Sharon