Saturday, May 26, 2012


[ love this photo I took of my daughter and a surprising gourd from our garden ]

My computer, it seems, is somewhat of a senior citizen in the technology world. I could no longer blog as I once did. I could not install the needed updates that Blogger required to play on my own blog. Sad, really.
I had a lot to say. I wasn't sure what to do. When in doubt, and you are of a certain middle age, what should you do?....Ask the advice of a teenage offspring, that's what!!
Now it is all fixed and well, and now I am back. With a lot to say.

[ my stack of antiques travel cases filled with special keepsakes, I have since this photo ditched the one in the middle with no handle. ]

Things I have Been Up To:
* I lost 50 lbs in 5 months, my first goal, and so far a total of 54lbs
* loving my new job of about 7 months!!
* not getting much of anything done around the house
* learning to say "no" to things and people
* severing the umbilical cords to my children so they can become more independent
* surviving somehow on less than 5 hours of sleep every 24
* enjoying my new car
* trying to enjoy every minute of every day, as life seems to be racing past
* reading an interesting book
* celebrating another birthday
* feeding a bit of shoe lust with some purchases, I was very long overdue for a turn (life of a mom)...usually the kids get all the new shoes!

Things I want To Do:
* work in my gardens
* rearrange the furniture in my bedroom
* paint in watercolors
* draw my favorite birds in colored pencils
* achieve my next weight loss goal by August
* get rid of "material things" around the house with emotional guilt attachments

Things I Need To Do:
* sort through stuff around the house
* redo my filing cabinet
* detail the inside of my cars
* clean out my closet, lots of things are WAY too big to fit anymore!
* take stuff to the Goodwill
* take donations of books and videos to school

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