Sunday, May 19, 2013

Count down

 I am counting down the days till a birthday. I have found the months leading up to this event have brought many deep thoughts on life and what means the most to me. Things I have done and wish yet to accomplish and enjoy. It is the stuff that I thought I would have had opportunity to do thus far and have not had the chance or time that seem to fill my thoughts most of all. I hope I can still do many of those things.

 I find I am a young-thinking person, I am younger in my imagination than the mirror shows me (although, many people swear I don't look my age. I thank them for the compliment... or the good talent of being a great liar!).

I was shopping the other day, with my daughter. I love to have one-on-one time with each of my 3 kids. She reminds me a lot of myself in many circumstances. And I swear it was just only yesterday I was her age at her same school...really!! I was on the hunt for new work shoes for me (boring, ugly ones- darn it!).  In one store we found a great dress for her (I love that she sometimes likes pretty clothes and pretty shoes, to balance out all the fun clothes she loves too!),

We also included a visit into a rather off-beat store that sells everything from pin-back buttons to novelty t-shirts to dresses to funky jewelry. It was at my request, I love almost every item in there and told her if I were 20 years younger I would buy nearly one of everything!!.... and she said "Wow Mom!, I would never guess you like the stuff in this store!" She did not say it in a way that she was shocked, but rather that she was happy I liked it and was wishing I felt I could still wear some of it. Very cool... although, there I go showing my age saying "cool". Geez!

She bought another dress-- a very unique, and perfect for her, dress... and I bought a dress for myself for a birthday gift (which I wore already last night for dinner out) that is a basic and pretty, age appropriate style for any young-thinking girl. (those kind of dresses are super wonderful). I love empire waist, hemline above the knee-styles, since I am short in stature and short-waisted too. Fashion basics spell they make you seem a tiny bit more in proportion and less chopped in half.

 I ended up finding some (ugly) perfect for work shoes, non-slip bottoms, comfortable to wear 9 hrs-on your feet moving constantly-kind of a deal. My new job of about 6 wks' time has been a learning experience and fun too. I am back to full time work after not having that since last June. What an ordeal that was to live through. Finding you are wa-a-a-y older than your co-workers, and even your bosses too, is a sobering revelation. But, what I have decided is this-- I have much more life experience which can't be well defined on any resume. It just makes you understand what is important and what really isn't, in just about any situation --job or every day life. You can't teach that in a few years of college. That degree comes only with age, and some failure, and learning day by day to be better, and learn from mistakes. Middle age has its advantages. I have discovered many.

My blog used to be a place to sort out my thoughts and review my dreams for days and years ahead. I fell away from, that for a time, many times over the years since my blog started. Maybe this week I will (try to) get back to that, as I do my count down.

I found these ads for products I've used and loved at one time. I am a scent-driven person, and I can recall in my memory, the way these items all smelled. The F. Organics was one of my all-time favorites and I used it on my long blonde hair until the product could no longer be found on store shelves. Wish it could come back like some of the retro soda pop brands that have made their returns for nostalgia. I would love that! I would buy a case, heck...maybe 2 or 3!!

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