Tuesday, March 19, 2013

time to pull the batteries

What do you do with your time? Do you fill time with a balance of work and fun, needed activities and wanted activities? Do you live by your watch on your wrist, clock on your phone, clock in the car, or on the kitchen wall? I live by all of these... and the calendar on my phone and the calendar as big as my whole freezer door in the kitchen!!
Sometimes I watch little kids play and think about how time is nowhere on their minds. That is bliss. Why is it that when we are young we can't wait to be grown up? When we are grown up we find we are missing lots of what we left behind .... things we did not realize we had so nice!
I have a list on my refrigerator that reminds me of things I want to do.
One thing is --do watercolors. Painting.
That wish has sat on that list in just alphabet letters for far too long... time to take the batteries out of the clocks and fill the tabletop with paper and paints and water and brushes and pull up a chair!!

What have I done?

  • recycled old book illustrations into craft projects
  • disposed of (donated, gave away to friends) more magazines than I cared to count...only kept a stack of torn out interesting pages equal to about an inch, instead of piles and piles of mags!
  • took down some collectible plates from the front hall, washed up in prep for selling
  •  continue to look around at things in the house with new eyes, deciding what can go
What do I need to do?
  • tackle my closet mess
  • take more deep breaths and loosen my shoulders when I find myself tensing up
  • make more Sunday meals that last as left overs throughout the week
  • take longer walks and be more patient about waiting to ride my bike when the windchill won't freeze off my face
What do I want to do?
  • watercolor
  • purge more from my file cabinets
  • decide on a color for my kitchen cabinets
  • find out that the interview I have coming up is for full time work

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Lori said...

Hi Amy, wonderful to hear from, I know I had owed you a message awhile ago. This is a rather difficult time of year, next Tuesday is the day I lost my son two years. It never gets easier, you aways question why. I too returned to work part-time was all I found, crummy money with ridicules expectations! I hate it! My husbands health is worsening and I had to find something just in case. Good luck on yours too! I should laugh and say with all my education I am doing this? But its difficult to find employment here to I guess I should be grateful. How is your daughter? My one son has been without a job since Aug. 2011, he returned to school then was cut from enough financial aid to continue, poor kid. Well take care Amy, thanks for remembering me! Love,Lori