Friday, November 14, 2008

the mending pile

The other night I felt strangely inspired to do mending. I used to sit at my sewing machine every day when I had my sewing business. I made my own wedding dress and maids' dresses. I made E. and A's baptism gowns. I even made E's First Communion dress and veil and A's First Communion dress and veil, too. But when it comes to mending, I seem to procrastinate-- a lot. My sweetie always teases when he needs a button sewn on that he needs to find a woman that can sew!!
I made it through the pile of mending as one after another I seemed to begin, do and FINISH the task. Maybe it was like an out of body experience??! My kids were thrilled to have their favorite things back and fixed. E's friend had even added her favorite pajama pants to the repair pile mix! Imagine? I have adopted mending items too!
As I went deeper and deeper into the pile and found just how long I had procrastinated I asked my 16 year old if she minded if I didn't mend her favorite pants from kindergarten!!

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Shelley said...

Hi Amy,I had to laugh,sounds like my ironing pile. My 16 year old son could have some pants from kindergarten in there to,LOL.