Thursday, July 29, 2010

a yarn...I mean...a story

The planets must have been aligned or else I just got lucky or something. Whatever it was it made me giggle and smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I had a small crochet project I had started. Don't get too excited it wasn't anything masterful, just a straight back and forth afghan wannabe. I came across this long abandoned item in a bag along with the extra yarn. As I wondered- what was I thinkin' when I chose that color- it suddenly came to me. I needed to donate this to the local senior center for someone else to love and make it useful in some way.
It made it as far as the car and there it rode around town for a few weeks as I ran the kids here and there and did my errands, hoping to be in the area of the senior center some day.
Hopefully sooner than later.

On Wednesday I drove right by the senior center and forgot the bag was still my very patient passenger. A block or two later I suddenly had a jolt of memory hit my brain and I turned the car around.
I went into the senior center and walked up to the front desk and asked if I could donate this, as I opened up the bag to give the nice, white haired lady a peek.
She replied with a smile, "Oh honey, go in that room over there.", pointing to the door across the lobby.
I walked through the door and was met by a room full of about 10 more white haired ladies all chatting and sitting at long tables covered with yarn. They all became silent and wanted to see what was in the bag.
One sweet lady said, "Oh bless your heart. Is that for us?"
To which I replied, "Yes and you can tear it all out and use the yarn for something else if you wish."
She said, "Heavens, no! It is beautiful. We will finish it and it will go to a nursing home. We meet once each month to socialize and make afghans to donate."

I walked out the front door with a skip in my step and wondered how I ended up there on that day. The day they gather to crochet and knit.
Hmmmmm. Curious.


Shelley said...

You should have sat down and joined them...the talk and stories would have been so worth it....I love the elderly conversations and story telling...maybe it is time for me to hook back up with the elders in our local Seniors group...starting a crochet that is an idea...blessings

She'sSewPretty said...

I agree with Shelley but I also know you probably were in the middle of running from one place to the other. I call it providence that you just happened to arrive on that day.

Tillybud said...

What a heart-warming story! Somebody somewhere is just meant to have your afghan. I bet they will love it.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hey girl
I only crochet and knit in the winter months and have more projects forgotten and piled up - I should do as you and donate the whole kit and caboodle. I do however donate my little lap quilts on a regular basis. They are fun, quick and always bring a sweet smile from oldsters and kidsters alike. Big hugs, Amy

Lois said...

Hi Amy.
Just goes to show...things happen for a reason, don't they?
I am glad you found a new home for that project. Someone, someday will surely appreciate your donation to the cause!